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Panic Attack

Life Meaning


Our clients find their mood stabilizes, joy increases as sadness and melancholy lift, pain diminishes and often disappears. Focus, memory, creativity and motivation increases, medication dosage decrease

How it works

An excellent and highly effective, natural, drug-free and pain-free approach is Neurofeedback. Sensors are placed on the scalp which pick up the brainwave frequency signal. The brainwave frequency power a game on the computer.

The video game continues to play as long as the brainwaves stay within the reward frequency. This is the biofeedback. After a few sessions the client’s brainwaves will stay within the reward frequency without having to play the game. The results are powerful.

We have experienced favorable results with clients who experienced trauma, and young students on the autistic spectrum, and students with ADHD. In studies Neurofeedback has been shown to increase focus, comprehension, memory, attention and processing speed. It has also been shown to increase IQ scores by 10 points.


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